Monday, July 13, 2009

Cheer Camp 2009

Last week Leighton attended her 2nd cheer camp sponsored by the Alvarado High School Cheerleaders. This is a great mini camp they do each year. They are so wonderful with the girls and teach them stunts and cheers and dances. The girls have such a fun time. The camp lasts 4 days. 3 days have a theme. The first was crazy sock day though i don't have any pics of that day sorry. The next was fun day (the girls were just instructed to wear something "fun") Then the last day was spirit day. The moms of some of Leighton's friends and i got together for the last 2 days and came up with cute outfits for all the girls to wear. They turned out really cute. Fun day for us was hot pink and zebra. We found these great socks at justice and them made the girls shirts. Then spirit day we made purple gold and white tutus for all the girls to wear. Leighton got 2 awards this camp. She got a Dance award and a Stunt award. The girl loves being a "flyer" She really isn't scared to be up in the air at all. She learned a lot this year and we are so looking forward to football season. It is going to be great.

Posing at the end of her dance
Her favorite jump is the Herkey
Stretching with friends

Fun Day. Aren't they cute
Leighton and Dee Dee
Posing for the camera
Dance award
The boys look thrilled here don't they
What a cute group of friends
Leighton and Jessica(her dance instructor)
Getting her Stunt award
Having fun in dance class
Doing the Robot
The three amigos(Jackson, Jack, and Steven)
In the air
Her Herkey again
Look how flexible she is.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

just an update no pics

Hey guys,

Things have been super busy around here as usual. After the jonas concert we had to get ready for our GOne WIld 09 river trip. This is the 6th year in a row for this trip. IT of course was a blast. I was sad to go. Broke my toe on the trip messing around in the river so that sucked but i just drank a little more and i felt fine. Got home Sunday and the monday morning i headed to work a HUGE event. I worked about 32 hours in the last 48. BUsy Busy Busy. Now it is off to spend good quality time with the kids. I will take lots of pics and post later. Happy 4th to all of you. I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So Saturday i got to experience one of the BEST mommy daughter nights i could ask for. I was able to take Leighton to her first ever concert. Jonas Brothers kicked off their world tour at the new cowboys stadium and it was AMAZING!!! Jordan Sparks opened and Miley Cyrus showed up for a special appearance. What a night. As most of you know i am a huge TEENY BOPPER. I recently went to the New Kids reunion concert and had the best time. It was so nice experienceing this with Leighton. I wouldnt have thought that at almost 8 should would truley appreciate it but as you can see by the video and pics that she LOVED every minute of it. She even looked at me at one pointe and said "I cant believe i am here. THis is the best thing i have ever done." THat right there was worth every penny. EVen the 35 dollar t-shirt we bought her. The only thing is i wish Andy could have been there to share in the joy. Because of her happines it was one of my BEST nights ever and i know i will NEVER forget this moment with my special girl. I guess i owe her a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!

Leighton hearts Joe
Miley and Nick

Overcome with excitement

Leighton and Skylar

Jonas Bros appearing on stage

Leighton and I(we took it ourselves.not the best) Yummy Nachos
Her COncert t-shirt
Leighton and Skylar infront of the stadium
My little Rock Star. Her necklace is a pic of Joe Jonas. (Her LOVE)

Leighton Singing

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wow its been a long time

So I FINALLY have some time to do some catch up blogging. IT has been crazy around here sense about the middle of February. But of course we are loving life. Since we last spoke we have had soccer and baseball and boys graduating and Leighton finishing second grade not to mention all the little stuff inbetween. I will try to catch up as much as possible in this blog but it may take a little while. Enjoy.

Boys Graduation

Leading the Pledge

Cap and Gown Pics

Kindergarden Round-up

Our family at easter

Soccer Season Spring 09

My crazy but cute kids

Traveling To Michigan

Our New puppy Dodger

Baseball season Spring 09