Monday, July 13, 2009

Cheer Camp 2009

Last week Leighton attended her 2nd cheer camp sponsored by the Alvarado High School Cheerleaders. This is a great mini camp they do each year. They are so wonderful with the girls and teach them stunts and cheers and dances. The girls have such a fun time. The camp lasts 4 days. 3 days have a theme. The first was crazy sock day though i don't have any pics of that day sorry. The next was fun day (the girls were just instructed to wear something "fun") Then the last day was spirit day. The moms of some of Leighton's friends and i got together for the last 2 days and came up with cute outfits for all the girls to wear. They turned out really cute. Fun day for us was hot pink and zebra. We found these great socks at justice and them made the girls shirts. Then spirit day we made purple gold and white tutus for all the girls to wear. Leighton got 2 awards this camp. She got a Dance award and a Stunt award. The girl loves being a "flyer" She really isn't scared to be up in the air at all. She learned a lot this year and we are so looking forward to football season. It is going to be great.

Posing at the end of her dance
Her favorite jump is the Herkey
Stretching with friends

Fun Day. Aren't they cute
Leighton and Dee Dee
Posing for the camera
Dance award
The boys look thrilled here don't they
What a cute group of friends
Leighton and Jessica(her dance instructor)
Getting her Stunt award
Having fun in dance class
Doing the Robot
The three amigos(Jackson, Jack, and Steven)
In the air
Her Herkey again
Look how flexible she is.


The Cunningham Family said...

she's really growing up!!! :(

Rebecca said...

oh man! i agree with melissa.
:( she looks so old and like she actually knows what she's doing in these pics!!! when did that happen?!? love the tutu.